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PassNGuard is a software project that designed and programmed to let users have access to all their passwords and personal information at the same place while all security features are fully implemented.

Don't forget your passphrases anymore


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AION Tools

Coming soon...

Idgel Dome Instance v4.7 to v5.x

1) All Instance features and Mobs are fully coded and working retail like.

2) Full Drop Items (Kunax ArmorSet, WeaponSet, Accessories)

3) Boss Skills (Ide Scale, Aggressive Shot, Slaughtering Cleave, Cleaving Massacre, Howl of Emptiness, Fierce Roar (Full), ...)

4) Mobs Skills (Attack Skills vs. Heal and Rage Skills) even more accurate than NcSoft System

5) Instance BUFFs (Resurrection)

6) Environment Factors + Skills (Unstable Ide Energy, Ide Explosion, ...)

7) ShallowWater fully coded using new mathematics formula (It more accurate than NCSoft)

8) New AI System for controlling Boss and Mobs

9) New Tribe "Invulnerable" for Creatures (First time in Aion Emulators)

10) Chests (Aether Bomb, Freeze Bomb, Defensive Scroll)

11) Rewards (AbyssPoints, GloryPoints, Boxes, ...) with Config for each of them

12) Anti-Cheat System for Emulating Packets and getting more rewards (No one can trick to system)

13) All Hidden NPCs fully coded and implemented as Retail.

14) New Decomposable System for Drops v4.7+

15) any many more ...